Areas of Practice

Austin Oil & Gas Lawyers Serving Austin

The Jones Law Firm offers clients access to experienced legal counsel for a wide range of matters-a rare commodity in a field that has become one of the most competitive and sought out vocations in the nation. The right lawyer not only knows the law, but understands how to apply it in unique and appropriate ways in order to provide the desired results for a client. At our firm, we have 30+ years' experience in handling complex legal matters with a focus on oil and gas law. Today, our firm serves as a source of compatible, affordable, and effective legal solutions for individuals, families, and businesses throughout Texas.

Innovative & Effective Legal Solutions for Austin, Texas

The areas of law that our firm practices are some of the most complicated aspects of the field. It has taken more than 30 years to reach the point our attorneys are at right now, with an experienced understanding of state and federal laws that apply to the types of matters we handle as well as the applications lessons we have learned from years of practice. We offer administrative service in the following areas of law:

  • Oil & Gas Law: Includes leasing agreements, permits, development and drilling contracts.
  • Railroad Commission Matters: From permits to point of sale, including those for land farming.
  • Water Law: Assistance in acquisitions, protests, and permitting at local and state levels.
  • TCEQ Matters: Representation and counsel for water regulation, permits, proceedings and protests concerning the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).
  • Real Property: Legal services for businesses and individuals involved in real estate transactions and tax matters including contracts for sale, deeds, security and title review, and tax appraisals.
  • Energy: Power plant construction, fuel contracts, cooling water supply, easements, disposal, etc.
  • Small Businesses & Estates: Legal advice for small businesses concerning matters including sale and transfer of ownership, compliance, generational changes, and estate planning for small businesses.
  • Corporate Finance: Debt and equity financing counsel, funding, and large-sum transactions.

Our principal attorney has experience in dealing with these legal matters and helping businesses both large and small find the funding, resources, and resolutions that they need. Additionally, our experience is used to assist individuals and families with similar needs, as well. Austin Attorney Jones has personally worked with multi-million dollar corporations and is AV® Rated by Martindale-Hubbell®.

For award winning representation and creative legal solutions that are personally committed to your success, contact The Jones Law Firm and request a consultation with one of our attorneys today.