Trust & Will Preparation in Austin

Help from an Austin Estate Planning Attorney

When you pass on, you want the assurance that your business is being left in capable and qualified hands. By preparing a will and trust, you will be ensured that your business will be left to someone you trust.

It is vital that the creation of your trust and will is done in accordance with Texas laws. Failure to do so may result in the nullification of your preparations. A Central Texas estate planning attorney from our firm has been assisting the community for over three decades and can give you the counsel you need. We would be honored to help you secure your future.

The Purpose of Trusts and Wills

The ultimate purpose of trusts and wills is to protect your property and assets. With a will in place, you make the decisions about where your business and property will go, and a trust allows a specified third party to hold onto your assets.

Various benefits of a trust include:

  • Keeping control of your wealth
  • Maintaining privacy regarding your finances
  • Leaving your business in the family

In your trust, you can determine the amount of assets given to each beneficiary, as well as when those assets will be distributed.

Benefits of a will include:

  • Dictating who gets your property
  • Putting someone in charge of the terms of your will, considered an executor
  • Deciding what will happen with your assets and business

Because there are certain legalities necessary for the creation of will and a variety of trusts you can use, you need someone advanced in this field to assist you in your preparation.

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