Public Utility Commission in Austin

Our Austin PUC Attorney Shares What You Need to Know

The Public Utility Commission of Texas, or PUC, works to regulate the electric, telecommunication, and investor-owned water utilities throughout Texas. Through this regulation, the PUC can implement legislative decisions and resolve issues for consumers, including right-of-way issues. Even though it is the duty of the PUC to ensure that public utility companies are providing fair and adequate service and treatment to consumers, in some situations the PUC fails to protect the public. If you have suffered from the negligence or actions of the PUC or public utility companies, contact our Austin PUC lawyer at The Jones Law Firm and have an experienced attorney represent your case.

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When Should You Get a Lawyer Involved?

It is in your best interest to immediately contact a PUC attorney if you feel like there is a problem with a public utility or government agency. These issues could actually be much more complex than they first appear to be, and the legal counsel of an experienced lawyer can help your concerns be heard. The PUC should be maintaining a level of service for your utilities and you deserve to have that met.

Public utilities should provide the following services, and if they are neglected you could seek legal help:

  • Duty to service – public utilities are obligated to provide service within reason to anyone living in the area
  • Safety and adequacy – there is a responsibility for companies to provide utilities and maintain a level of safety and adequacy in their service
  • Cannot discriminate – all consumers are equally entitled to the services provided by utility companies without being discriminated against
  • Reasonable prices – utilities are not allowed to charge ridiculously high prices and are confined within reasonable pricing
  • Fair services – when providing utilities, a company must treat and deal with their customers in a trustworthy and fair way

At The Jones Law Firm, our Austin PUC lawyer handles many cases involving Water and Wastewater rates and tariffs, as well as Right-of-Way and easement routing and eminent domain for electric lines, natural gas, or water pipelines. If you are being treated unfairly by public utilities, seek legal assistance. We can help!

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