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For more than 30 years, our firm has proudly advocated for clients facing legal matters involving the Railroad Commission of Texas. The Jones Law Firm understands how important it is to protect the integrity and honor of your company, small business, or personal reputation. That's why we offer personalized legal support that enables clients to successfully navigate even the most complex legal matters.

We are proud to serve businesses and individuals throughout the Austin - San Antonio corridor. Our main goal is to help our clients effectively handle permit matters, transactional deals, and other real property issues. While we focus on helping our clients avoid the courtroom, we are always prepared to aggressively represent them through litigation. We have also served as outside general counsel for oil and gas operators, investor-owned utilities, geothermal operators, and large land owners. With our extensive experience and background in oil and gas, water, energy, and other property matters, we are prepared to handle your case.

Mudpits & Land Farming Permits

Our Austin lawyers understand the complexities that go into securing permits for certain surface waste management options. When dealing with the Railroad Commission of Texas, it is crucial that you and your company's interests are safeguarded against any lawsuit or legal action. That is why our firm is here to guide you through the proper permit and disposal processes. To start, it is important that you understand which type of disposal methods are allowed and whether or not they will require a permit.

The Railroad Commission of Texas requires permits for the following:

  • Brine Pits
  • Washout Pits
  • Skimming Pits
  • Collecting Pits
  • Produced Water
  • Bring Mining Pits
  • Saltwater Disposal Pits
  • Emergency Saltwater Pits
  • Drilling Fluid Disposal Pits
  • Disposal/Injection Wells
  • Drilling Mud Treatment Facilites

There are also strict rules on the methods of disposal-even for pits that do not require permits. If your company fails to adhere to these rules, they could be facing serious litigation issues. If your pit has been found to cause or allow pollution, the Railroad Commission of Texas may decide to file a lawsuit or take other action against you. Texas continues to enforce strict laws, rules, and regulations against pollution and environmental damage. This makes it even more of a challenge to secure the correct permits.

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