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Texas stands alone in its value and worth when it comes to its natural resources. In light of this, real estate matters–especially when they involve large or high value land–can become heated and complex. At The Jones Law Firm PC, our Austin real estate attorneys have experience in working on complex real estate transactions, as well as extensive practice in the oil and gas industry.

We understand the laws, regulations, and procedures involved in real property disputes, as well as the nature of our clients' concerns for their property rights and financial protection. We are able to provide representation to our clients in many types of real estate transactions, as well as appearing on their behalf before taxing authorities for the purpose of valuation and exemptions.

We provide comprehensive legal services to clients that seek our assistance in real property matters:

  • Earnest Money Contracts - These are legally binding documents between parties created when exchanging earnest money. Earnest money is the deposit a buyer makes in good faith on a loan for real property to the seller during a home sale.
  • Contracts for Sale -  Also known as a sale agreement or purchase agreement, a real estate sales contract establishes the rights and obligations of the buyer and the seller in regard to the property and the real estate transaction. Having a solid contract ensures that you avoid potential issues in the future.
  • Deeds and Contracts for a Deed - From transferring title to real estate for a variety of purposes (grant deed, warranty deed, special warranty deed, deed of trust, quitclaim deed, etc.) to making arrangements for buying land in Texas, our real estate attorneys are ready to answer your questions and ensure that you are protected.
  • Security Documentation - Our real estate attorneys handle landlord consent, mortgages, liens, deeds of trust, paperwork, settlement statements, security instruments, power of attorney, and other agreements.
  • Title Establishment and Review - We can assist with title establishment and ensure that nothing is missed in the process. Title of property grants you the right to own your property and anything on it, use your property as you please, enjoy it lawfully, choose whom you allow on it, and the right to transfer ownership permanently or temporarily so long as there are no liens against it.
  • Easements and Covenants - We help clients with the creation, termination, and review of private and public easements in Texas, as well as property covenants and restrictions.
  • Defense of Eminent Domain Actions by Governmental Authorities - Although eminent domain or a condemnation action is a formal proceeding, it also has a history of abuse and creating problems for property owners. At The Jones Law Firm, our Austin real estate attorneys fight to protect you. 

For specific information on how our Central Texas real estate attorneys can assist you in your current legal matter, contact our firm today at (512) 394-4289. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your situation with a member of our team.


Legal Representation in Texas Real Estate Matters

In legal terms, real property includes not only the bare land within certain borders, but also any permanent amenities including minerals, structures, and permanent equipment. Therefore, our concern when it comes to the financial and legal security of our clients is not only for the present but for the future as well.

Our knowledge of real property law is able to provide further services in the areas of:

The Jones Law Firm PC is committed to using innovation, experience, and knowledge to facilitate success for our clients.

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