Is Your Corporate Governance in Compliance?

Board Meeting

Is Your Corporate Governance in Compliance?
Find out why your Board of Directors should consider General Counsel to run meetings.

In an increasingly litigious society, with increased scrutiny over Board operations, mistakes within corporate governance can be catastrophic for a corporation or public entity.

The Jones Law Firm can work directly with your Board of Directors and management to run meetings, ensure compliance, develop strategies, provide sound legal advice, and ensure a higher standard of corporate governance, while avoiding risks and saving an entity from expensive legal matters and failures.

As general counsel for your Board of Directors, our attorneys can help guide your entity through complex legal and regulatory matters, as well as offer solutions and strategies to ensure compliance and ethics while meeting the goals for your corporation.

The attorneys at The Jones Law Firm PC can assist your Board with:

  • Running Board Meetings to Ensure Legal Compliance and Effective Communication

  • Evaluating & Mitigating Risk for the Company

  • Navigating Complex Regulatory Matters

  • Maintaining Transparent Corporate Governance Standards

  • Assisting with Operations to Meet Goals and Maintain High Standards

  • Communicating with Directors, Stakeholders, Investors, Government, etc…

  • Managing Crisis Situations and Legal Matters

  • Managing Transactional and Contract Issues

  • Developing Corporate Policies and Programs

Our experience includes helping agencies and organizations navigate compliance with the Open Meeting Act or the Public Information Act. What agenda points constitute “common interest”? How do public entities do their jobs as expediently as possible while dealing with constant requests for information? Our counsel ensures public entities can make high-stakes decisions with clarity and confidence.

Our litigation experience also makes us the ideal partner for public entities who are facing accusations of violating these two acts. The Jones Law Firm, PC can provide any public agency or body with the protection they need so those bodies can focus on the crucial tasks required of them.

Our Austin public entity attorneys have experience working with the following and more:

  • Municipal Utility Districts

  • Water Control and Improvement Districts

  • Special Utility Districts

  • Water Supply Corporations

If you represent such an entity, we can act as the custodian of your public records and advise you on regulatory compliance under the Texas Government Code, the Texas Local Government Code, industry-specific statutes, and state regulations. Reach out to our attorneys in Austin to learn more about our services.